Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One of THOSE nights

Saturday was one of those nights.  For some reason I knew it had the potential to get messy when I was the first person in the bar when it opened with my boss.  We wanted to be "team players" and support a band that a co-worker of ours plays in.  But let's not lie, we don't all LOVE our co-workers.  With that said, my boss and I decided we may need a couple of drinkies before heading over to the happy hour of  fun.

SO after a great game of  "hour of power" and about 5 shots, we were ready to go.  Great idea right?  WRONG.  We headed over to the happy hour and quickly realized we were the drunkest ones of the group.........we headed back to home base.  At least we made an appearance (a slightly messy one).  After getting back to home base and continuing on with my happy self things started to get a little hazy. MISSION accomplished. 

Here is what I remember:
-I left the bar yelling at my boss that I hated her religious group that shall remain nameless.  NEVER a good idea.
-The boy that I may have a slight crush on "motor-boated" my boss......He is not Merv-The Perv.  My boss was just a hot drunk and insisted on thrusting her chest in his face
-A co-worker of mine admitted to stalking me on the local paper, really?  I told her next time just ask me if I have been married before and I will confess.  No need to waste good stalking skills or time on someone who is an open book
-Apparently I told the boy I liked to go away and then continued to call him a pussy for not kissing me.  And why is he still talking to me?

Good thing when I came into work on Monday morning my boss and I both laughed it all off.  When is the next happy hour?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Starting up......

Journal, no. Diary, no........Blog Perhaps?  I have been contemplating starting up a blog for a while.....So here it goes.  Bear with me as I learn all about blogging and start up this new adventure.   I CAN promise typos and grammar errors! (Im sure my sister will be the first to point all of these errors out).  After talking to a few friends, they assured me they thought this was a great idea.  Hmmmmm, well Im not pregnant, Im not getting married, Im not starting a great new business, taking a trip or anything exciting?!  So what do I blog about? Or why start a blog?  Here are my reasons:
1. Stay connected
2. Make people laugh or smile with my somewhat interesting insight on topics
3. Bring like-minded people together
4. Express thoughts, feelings and opinions
5. Simplify life by taking time out of the day to reflect or even vent
6. Affirm the realities of life
So get excited and strap on the seatbelt. :-)  Who knows what the next topic will be!